MARCH 18-19, 2021


The economy of the Republic of Moldova is undergoing a continuous reform process. In such circumstances, the implementation of the "knowledge triangle" priorities – education-research-innovation plays a key role in stimulating economic growth and employment and is an imperative for the development process of our country.

The need to identify new solutions, models and strategies that can contribute to the sustainable development of the current economic system is a matter of importance for national and international society, especially in the current circumstances, following the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic.

The research and development field in the Republic of Moldova faces the need for efficient use of resources, the provision of a research process based on excellence, integrated into the international research circuit and geared toward meeting the growing needs of society and national economy. In this regard, research and concerns to ensure competitiveness, sustainability and a broad-based economy innovation process at different levels and in different contexts have become particularly relevant.

The current orientations of society as a whole and the prospects for economic development, influenced by adverse social and economic impacts, are issues of discussion between academic, research and business representatives.

In this context, an integrated and complex approach to economic, sociocultural and environmental realities and the identification of optimal development solutions in all these dimensions can help to overcome current challenges. Through research and development, the national economy will strengthen its competitive potential both nationally and internationally, thus generating wealth for all its citizens.

Education also plays an important role in achieving this. The exchange of experience and dissemination of the most effective educational technologies and practices contribute to strengthening the quality of initial and continuous professional development in the economic field.

The purpose of the conference is to disseminate and exploit the results of scientific investigations into the creation of a sustainable and efficient environment for economic development of the Republic of Moldova, especially in the post-pandemic conditions.

Objectives of the conference:

  • The rationale of national business development strategies aimed at overcoming the economic crisis as a result of the pandemic effects;
  • Identifying effective ways of keeping track, analyzing and diagnosing the IMM activities and cooperative entities in order to ensure their competitiveness and sustainable development;
  • Improvement of legislative and regulatory frameworks in force in order to facilitate the economic and social development of the republic;
  • Identifying the most effective technologies, tools, educational techniques in the context of promoting lifelong learning.

Conference languages: Romanian, English, Russian.